The NYC household diet

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A friend recently cut $721 from her family’s monthly household expenses and agreed to post the slash-and-burn details here:

•    Canceled AT&T phone service and switched to digital service by Time Warner Cable.  Savings: $95/month

•    Cut out premium cable channels except for HBO. Savings:  $34/month

•    Lowered minutes on Verizon monthly cell phone plan: Savings: $25/month

•    Reduced housekeeper visits from every week to every other week (don’t worry, the housekeeper has other clients eager for her time).  Savings: $125/month

•    Called up parking garage and asked them if they could match another garage’s rate of $300/month. The garage agreed to reduce its rate from $425 to $350. Savings: $75/month

•    Applied for NYC resident parking tax exemption.  Savings: $25/month

•    Qualified for free safe deposit box at Chase, where she has her checking, savings and mortgage, and canceled her other safe deposit box.  Savings: $33/month

•    Reduced Poland Spring deliveries from five to three large jugs a month. Savings: $20/month.  

•    Reduced delivery of Gevalia coffee from seven to six boxes a month: Savings: $10/month

•    Shops at Fairway instead of Fresh Direct. (She says Fairway is cheaper for the same stuff.).  Savings: $90/month

•    Switched to wines costing less than $15/bottle:  Savings: $80/month

•    Donated to charity the contents of her family’s locker at Manhattan MiniStorage because they never use it anyway:  Savings: $49/month plus the tax write-off for the donation

•    Hustled her 3-year-old out of diapers: Savings: $60/month


How have you saved money around the house? Post your tips here.