Look out for these roommate red flags before you make any deals

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Wouldn’t life be easier if a potential roommate were to show you his true colors upon first meeting? Like if he wore a T-shirt announcing his aversion to taking out the garbage. Or showed up drunk and disorderly. Or just straight out told you that he’d never ever have the rent money on time.

Alas, life doesn’t work like that. But here are some other red flags you should watch out for in a would-be housemate (culled from renters, agents, and former roommates in the know):

  • A clingy type who wants to be your best friend.
  • A credit score of 650 or less. It can be a sign of emotional instability. Or poor financial acumen.
  • Keeping completely different hours. You're asking for trouble.
  • Someone who can’t (or won’t) provide a reference from a previous roommate. There's probably more to this story.
  • A gut feeling that something is off.
  • Someone with a serious boyfriend or girlfriend—how often will they be staying over?

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