Three roommate-ready apartments in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens

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Given this week's theme, we thought we'd scour the listings for spaces that would work as a share. In a city where two-bedrooms are often paraded around as three-bedrooms, it's nice to see an actual three-bedroom that three people could live in comfortably.  All of the apartments below are true three-beds.

This $2,500 Bedford-Stuyvesant three-bedroom (which appears to be on the first floor of a three-story building) has a large living space, and a closet and window in each bedroom. Plus, there's a dishwasher—cutting down on arguments about who's doing the dishes—and shared outdoor space. Added bonus: No broker fee.

This apartment on East Fifth Street between Second and Third may be the perfect share for NYU grads who don't want to stray too far from the old neighborhood (and don't mind a walk-up in a no-frills building). It's got three equally sized bedrooms, according to the listing. But the price is an un-dorm-like $5,100 a month.

If you're up for trying out Queens, this three-bedroom condo in Astoria is significantly less expensive—$2,700 a month. It's also got a private balcony and an extra half-bath. It's apartment number 3 in a three-story building, though, so expect a walk-up.


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