A co-op with a singular feature that sets it apart from the rest

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Oh, the appeal of a classic co-op with a one-of-a-kind imprint that differentiates it from the rest of the pack!

This third-floor two-bedroom (plus a dining room) is on West End Avenue, a lovely stretch of the Upper West Side that manages to be both handsome, lined as it is by one gracious prewar after another, and serene (no MTA buses traverse this thoroughfare, except for the occasional one making a turn).

It's also just a block from the shopping (and transportation) mecca that is Broadway.

The apartment's been recently updated, and an abundance of windows makes sure it's flooded with light.

But its best feature may just be the circular living room, which distinguishes it from most co-op apartments on the market and steeps the space in character. What's more, the room also has a working woodburning fireplace.

The dining room—also plenty bright—is equally spacious and airy, too. And the open shelves can be used to display your book collection, or fine china, or both.

Even the hallway has character, with brick walls and moldings. The property, listed with Stribling, is asking $1.895 million.


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