Photos: don't you wish your building looked like this on Halloween?

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Subway flashers, pervy catcallers, the one roommate you have who never seems to leave his room—NYC doesn't want for creepy setups we'd rather do without.  

But when it comes to townhouses and apartment buildings dressed to fright, yes please! We posted one house yesterday on the Upper East Side on Instagram—follow us!—that looked to have a distressingly emaciated "resident" fleeing through the window:


I've got nothing but respect for my neighbors #halloweennyc

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And another one with a front yard just "dying" for trick-or-treaters:



A truly haunted house #ues #halloweenNYC #townhouse #nycrealestate #brickstagram #brickunderground #latergram

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And because Instagram is the gift that keeps on photographing, we've rounded up some of the best pics that have captured New Yorkers decking out their real estate in Halloween finery. (Turns out, we're pretty good at this!) Enjoy!



Need an escape this week from neighborhood #halloweenNYC

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#halloweennyc #lupeclementefotografia #nyc #iphone6

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