These are the neighbors you'd actually want to have in NYC

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It’s easy to tell what makes for a bad neighbor in NYC, say the inconsiderate hobbyist musician whose death-metal band practices until 3 am or who takes out the garbage so infrequently that the entire floor reeks.

But what makes for a good neighbor? Our picks:

  • A firefighter: This one’s self-explanatory. Safety first!
  • A responsible high school student: Cheap babysitting and no cab fare. This is what we call a win-win.
  • An AppleCare specialist: An in-house IT whiz who can retrieve the document you forgot to back up before accidentally spilling coffee all over your keyboard? Yes, please.
  • A pied-a-terre-owner: He’s rarely there so it’s almost always quiet.
  • A chef: Chances are that he or she will come home often with bags full of extra food. Extra points if he or she is training to be a chef and it's finals time.
  • A wine distributor: They’ll always have spare bottles when you need one and the local liquor store is closed. (In fact, one wine maker told us this summer that he offers his neighbors samples.)

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