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This Brooklyn rental has architectural cred (and a scenic locale)

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On the off-chance you can't quite afford a pricey rental on the edge of Central Park (or even Prospect Park), consider this the next best option: living on a street that's been dubbed "the greenest block in Brooklyn."

For $2,200/month, you can move into this one-bedroom on Bainbridge Street in Stuyvesant Heights, which was honored this year in the Brooklyn Botanic Garden's "greenest block" contest. Located in an 1890s townhouse, the place looks to be a mix of prewar touches (check out that wood paneling and fireplace), along with recent renovations:

The kitchen and bathroom have new finishes, and the convenience factor is high: The apartment features both a dishwasher and a washer and dryer.

It's a garden level apartment—meaning there's backyard access—but the wording in this listing raises eyebrows and may indicate a very selective landlord (as is often the case in this type of building). The listing specifies "year-round partial use of the backyard"—unclear what exactly "partial" means here—and as far as pets, "declawed cats are permitted with landlord approval," a phrase that's sure to turn off any animal loving renters. (Declawing is good for hardwood floors, horrible for animals.)

Still, if you're not renting with a pet in tow and are yearning to live on a tree-lined block—and come spring, drink your morning coffee in a backyard—this could be an ideal (and reasonably affordable) Brooklyn option.


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