New Yorkers flock to the burbs, how the city wreaks havoc on your shoes, and more

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A lot of New Yorkers seem to be interested in moving to the suburbs these days (NYT)

If you find that just existing in NYC destroys all your shoes, you're not alone (Gothamist)

The dreaded 2019 L train shutdown may be shorter than originally expected (DNAinfo)

New real estate development may be headed for Rikers Island (The Real Deal)

As you might've guessed, Trump's proposed budget cuts would be disastrous for the city (Gothamist)

DIY ideas for framing large pieces of art without shelling out hundreds of dollars (Apartment Therapy)

How to diplomatically deal with a significant other with wildly different decor tastes (NYT)

The story of how Queens became the most diverse place in America (Gothamist)

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