The Brick Underground Podcast: Renovation questions for NYC apartment buyers

New York City's density means buildings have lots of rules designed to minimize the impact of a renovation project on neighbors. 


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How do you raise renovation issues in a co-op board interview? Is it possible to get pre-approval for renovations from a board before you buy? Is now the time to renovate or sell? These are some of the questions tackled in this episode of the Brick Underground Podcast. Host Emily Myers gets into conversation with Compass broker Vickey Barron, who has put together a full-day course for brokers to help educate buyers on some of the issues they'll face if they plan to renovate.

New York City's density requires buildings to have lots of rules designed to minimize the impact of a renovation project on you and your neighbors, but these rules can also create obstacles, add delays, or even limit renovation plans. We discuss issues such wet over dry, waitlists, alteration agreements, as well as certificates of insurance. 

Barron has tips for the co-op board interview as well as for those trying to determine whether a building might be open to renovations without actually posing the question. (Hint: It involves looking at floor plans).

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