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Why iBuying won't work in NYC, Manhattan vs. Brooklyn, & more

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This week, readers visited Brick Underground for guides to the most affordable and most expensive NYC neighborhoods for buyers in 2020. We partnered with PropertyShark to pinpoint the top three neighborhoods in each borough, along with some runners up, to give you even more options.

Also of interest: A New Yorker's story about leaving Manhattan to rent more cheaply in Brooklyn, which he ultimately decides just isn't for him.

Here, in full, are this week's top stories.

1) The most affordable neighborhoods in NYC: A buyer's guide for 2020

2) The most expensive neighborhoods in NYC: A buyer's guide for 2020

3) 7 reasons why iBuying won’t take off in NYC

4) From Chelsea to Bushwick to Bay Ridge: Being able to live alone doesn’t beat the thrill of Manhattan

5) NYC Passive House guide: Where to find eco-friendly apartments and townhouses that are healthy and quiet too

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