Would You Rather?

Jersey City vs. Long Island City: Which do New Yorkers prefer?

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Sure, you could be described as "bridge and tunnel" either way, but is it better to get that label from living in Long Island City or Jersey City? We asked five New Yorkers to pick a side.
  • Tale of two towns I'm not that familiar with Long Island City. Jersey City is fine. It's not that cheap. I know a lot people who live there. And they really like it. It's quiet, but still like a town. Okay, it's a bit boring, too. But it's really nice there. —Kavita, Astoria
  • Stay close Long Island City because at least it's still part of the city so you have the subway and you still feel close to everything. —Gino, East Harlem
  • The devil you know Neither, really, but if I had to choose, I guess, Long Island City because it's still Queens. I know Queens well; that's where my parents live. Good restaurants, access to all the city stuff you like, but a little cheaper. —George, Washington Heights
  • Jersey strong I like Jersey City. People underestimate it, I think, because of the whole Jersey thing. But yeah, I know people who have moved there. It's more affordable, quieter, cleaner. So they don't care what people think. —Marie, Hamilton Heights
  •  Staying put in the city I'd go to Long Island City. I've been there. It's kind of cool, has a city vibe, but less intense. And it's still the city and still on the subway, so that's a huge bonus. —Susan, Hamilton Heights

Verdict: Sorry Jerz, the subway gives Long Island City the edge!