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Podcast: Remembering Jhoanna Robledo

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The Brick Underground podcast was created by our host, Editor-in-Chief Jhoanna Robledo. 

Jhoanna, who was full of life, died in July after a battle with a rare and aggressive cancer. She was 46 and is survived by her husband and three children.

Jhoanna was a remarkable and multi-talented person. She was an extraordinary writer, reporter and photographer with an expertise in New York City real estate.

But she was also a gifted audio storyteller. She started out in radio back in Michigan and was passionate about the creation of the podcast. 

As the host and co-producer, Jhoanna ensured that the podcast tackled issues including immigrant rights, along with how-to-guides about living well and surviving New York City real estate. 

When Jhoanna received her diagnosis, she was working on an episode about how people with disabilities navigate New York City. Her final episode will post in September.