The Brick Underground Podcast: NYC's looming eviction crisis and resources for struggling renters

Hundreds of millions of dollars are owed in rent in New York City—what happens next?


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What are the current protections against eviction in New York? And what happens when those protections end? Also, in the push and pull of landlord-tenant power dynamics, it's clear renters have some leverage right now. How should they be using that power? 

These are some of the questions explored in this episode of the Brick Underground Podcast. Host Emily Myers talks to Andrew Scherer, policy director at the Impact Center for Public Interest Law and a visiting associate professor at New York Law School.

As an early epicenter of the pandemic, New York City renters are still feeling repercussions. The podcast touches on some of the resources available to people struggling to make rent, like the right to counsel, as well as the virus' impact on an overwhelmed court system. Scherer anticipates what will happen in the new year and shares his hopes for more humane policies around a tenant's right to safe and affordable housing. 

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